Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Val Day Smoothie

Dear Readers, to celebrate this day of Love, I have for you a recipe - a Valentine’s day Smoothie all pink in colour. It was whacked from Megha’s old blog ages ago and I’ve made it a dozen times since the beginning of the watermelon season. I’ve modified the ingredients to suit myself and adjusted proportions until I think it tastes fine. You can do so too. C’est super. 
Here it is:

1 small watermelon (or half a large one)
An entire carton of strawberries
A smash of ginger (increase of decrease according to taste)
Yoghurt in a small bowl
A glug or two of milk
Sugar if needed
Perhaps some water if you want your smoothie a bit thinner
Now just throw everything into the blender and whizz.

When you drink this, the ginger will give you a kick which will send you flying and land you on a soft pink cloud made up of all the other nice things you drank up. You’ll keep floating somewhere near the ceiling for  the rest of the day thinking of all that you love. 


"meg"ha punater said...

What nice illustrations, priya. Maybe I will make myself some today. Thank you for the inspiration.


Chocolate has been dethroned as the master pick me up.

Karine said...

Anything with ginger in it gets my vote. Enjoyed catching up with you, Priya. xo


So nice an illustration! and the recipe too! :=)
Thanks for dropping in at my blog! ....
see you soon! :=)))))