Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scenes from the BLACK Workshop :)

 First the participants got an introduction to artists who draw in Black and White

Then they got an introduction to the Lethal Ammunition itself!
Those are the hands of a Martial Arts expert (no kidding). 
He can crack your skull open with a single blow if he chooses to. 
He produced some really sensitive and beautiful drawings.

Here below are scenes from the Gruesome Faces exercise -
Look at the confidence of those lines!

These above are creations of the very brainy people who are holding them.
They are former students of the Indian Institute of Science (!) and they have never drawn before.

That's The General surveying the spoils from a Gruesome Faces exercise.
My students really conquered the medium I tell you!
Just look at them work!
Those two pink ladies are software engineers who produced some a m a z i n g drawings.
The Babe in Blue is Prabha who designed the awesome poster for the workshop.
First timers at drawing mind you.

I just wish I could've shown you the rest of the drawings but they were carefully sprayed, 
wrapped up and taken to their homes.

Here is a frightening scene below - I was made to give a ' demo' with cameras aimed at me!
But I got an applause (which was really sweet) and a black nose (which is inevitable).

Here are some of the participants with their blackened hands,

 rather bemused expressions 

and big smiles...
If  you ask me what the best part is for me as a teacher in the workshops that I've taken,
I have this to say - at the beginning of a session all the participants look so uncertain, they approach the medium so tentatively... but somewhere during the workshop I find them rollicking about in charcoal, black from head to toe, laughing, eyes shining as they surprise themselves with their creations.
And then, at the end of it all, when they leave, proudly carrying their booty rolled carefully under their arms, they beam at me and say ' Thank you! We had so much fun!' and my heart bursts with joy that I have made them draw once more. That for me is the best part of taking a workshop.


Thanks to Ganesh (last pic, right dude) for sharing his pictures so generously with me.
Thanks also to the ever amazing Pencil Jam team for some of the pics used here and for flawless help in organizing the workshop. You guys are the best ever!


Chandan said...

WTG Priya! love the pix...

Nickname unavailable said...

looks like so much fun! you did good and the results look like uninhibited creativity unleashed :-)


megha punater said...

i could have done with a workshop with you.
such amazing results.

Owen said...

A true pleasure to see such creative energy at work ! Thanks so much for sharing so much of this experience... Just incredible...

Like finger painting, really getting involved with the materials... Speaking of which, it looks like not only you powdered your nose in charcoal black, but you also got a little on your white shirt too...

Looks like you had a wonderful time Priya, there is much happiness visible here, and it's contagious...

Ash said...

Thank you Priya. I had so much fun and learned a lot too!

Rima said...

It was a joy to read and see this Priya :) Excellent stuff!

mizu designs said...

Bravo! What an amazingly talented bunch!

nikheel said...

Looks like an awesome fun but yet great result. Charcoal magics, great job.

Ganesh HS said...

Thanks Priya!
It was so much fun... just bought a box of charcoal from an art shop... looking forward to do more...

pRiyA said...

Kushiyagbidthu! :D
Thanks guys.

Perfect Witch said...

Awesome. Wish I could have attended this!

Anil Jagalur said...

Missed it due to an "unpostponable" (ugh) visit to Mysore. :-(

What is Dürer's Mother sketch doing there in the fourth pic from the bottom? Just curious.

pRiyA said...

Excuses...excuses... Anil!

Durer's mom is telling her audience that she has been drawn with 'charcoal'.