Thursday, June 24, 2010


Here are some pictures of an unusual seed pod I found on a Sunday morning walk at Lalbagh.

This one was found closer to home.

Isn't it gorgeous?


Here are some pics from the walk:
Look at this!

An impromptu installation done by the dada of 1 Shanti Road, above
and the essence of Sunday Benglur below.

Lush tropical stuff
and the rarity of vast empty space.
Outside, at the gates, this man sells a variety of fresh sprouts

Which I make into a salad for lunch. Ah! Simple and healthy.
ps: We also ate a high calorie South Indian breakfast, but it was over before I could say 'click'.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Drawing Everyday

I felt slightly sheepish after I read that this person here loves drawing and draws everyday. And then there is Pencil Jam goading me. What was I waiting for? So instead of stressing, fretting and being grouchy, I drew. 

The amazing drawings of Javier Mariscal >>

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Shot a Tiger!

Yes! I shot a Tiger. Here’s how I did it –
I filled a large bowl with chopped chicken liver and took it into the jungle. And then I loaded my Black and White bullets and lay in wait as quietly as possible, pretending to read a book. I wasn’t disappointed. Slowly at the far end of the jungle, there was a rustle amid a thick clump of ferns. The fronds parted and a Tiger emerged. She stealthily made her way towards the chicken liver and quick as a flash gobbled it down. Then she lay down, stretched herself and closed her eyes. And that’s when I shot her!

But here is the terrifying part!  
When I least expected it, the Tiger opened her eyes and snaaaarrrrled!
 I scooted from the scene within seconds of being mauled! You see how dangerous it is to shoot Tigers? But I risked it just for you, my dear blog readers. I bravely risked my life and shot a Tiger to bring you yet another adventure under The Plum Tree!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Some sketches

of perennially favourite themes :)

I do apologize for removing the comment section for now. I am simply trying to wean myself away from this tendency to check for comments every 5 minutes of my day ;-P 
You know what I mean!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My grandmother always carried Cosmos seeds on her person like she did her snuff box. Where ever she went, who ever she met, if there was some earth present in the scene, even in a pot, then the Cosmos seeds were doled out with the same solemnity  used to take a pinch of snuff before it went up the nose – a careful drawing together of the thumb and  forefinger so that just the right amount was gathered between them. When grandmother gave, recipients did as instructed so that plants would shoot up and flowers would splash out their myriad hues of glorious colour.  Thus my grandmother left a trail of colourful Cosmos behind her the way some women leave a whiff of memorable perfume as they drift out of a room.