Friday, May 28, 2010

Where Time Stands Still


mizu designs said...

I have always (always!) wanted to visit Bangalore and your beautiful picture story makes that longing even worse. Every city has their ugly bits (we have a plenty) so don't worry about that. Is it true that the yoga retreats are plentiful and good in Bangalore?

pRiyA said...

Lots of people from other countries seem to be here to experience the yoga retreats. Unfortunately I don't know much about the yoga stuff!

megha punater said...

sad but true priya but there is nothing we can do to change it, and this is a reality all over the world.
your photos are lovely. and there is no other bangalore in this planet :)
love the beavertail.

mixdbrew said... i wish these gems were not overshadowed by ugly, so-called modernity. There's a gorgeous home in Cox town that belongs to an old Brit missionary couple...who, despite my nonreligious outlook (!)warmly welcomed me in. I spent many happy hours there, especially on the terrace, where a pomegranate tree meandered lazily through every crevice it could find. Priya, you should head to Mangalore too someday, where are lot of these gorgeous old homes are disappearing. Please do catch them in your unique way before they are completely phased out :(