Wednesday, April 14, 2010


"The majority of well adapted individuals have lost their own self at an early age and replaced it completely by a social self offered to them by society. They have no neurotic conflicts because they themselves… have disappeared."
~Erich Fromm


Karine said...

That quote explains a lot! And I just thought I was a social pariah. Thanks, Priya.

Rima said...

Beautiful page too Priya :)

Mumbai Paused said...

Super... what Erich Fromm had to say.

holly aka golly said...

Beautiful Priya! I will have to ponder Erick Fromm's quote. Intriguing.

vineeta said...

I love u, i love u, I love for sharing this quote with us :) This just explains SO much :)
And is that a page from a new 'red book' you are putting together. Either way its beautiful. Beautiful.