Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Oh what a life we live held together by string
Never knowing what each day will bring
But there is beauty in the darkest of things
And there is hope in the insane
And all of the things that brought you down
Just may raise you up again.
-- Declan de Barra


bigBANG studio said...

Just *finally* came over to The Plum Tree and read, with gasps and horror but total understanding, the decision to stop, reconsider, and start afresh.

So huzzah, my friend. Very happy to have you back. And very excited for the meaner, leaner, bitchier, hoof-polished, hair-cutted YOU!

Congratulations on all the selling and framing and hanging of your amazing art. And thank you for the very sweet comments on bigBANG (and yes, I had a picture of me and my sister up there for a split-second until I realized the weird twisted vanity of it and replaced it with a picture of my lovely sis. Just still feeling this whole blog thing out, you know?)


mixdbrew said...

Beautiful...the poem sounds like Rima could have written it herself :) And what a vivid, yet sad picture to accompany it.